This is a selection of Blogs, forums and other websites that are useful when it comes to learn about Panerai, their relation to Rolex and other watch related topics.

Jake’s Rolex World

If you want to learn about Rolex history, Jake Ehrlich’s Rolex blog is the place to go! Here you find many of the untold Rolex related stories, like the first expedition to fly over the Mount Everest in 1933, and you will be amazed to learn who wears Rolex watches.

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Panerai – An Italian Story

Loris Pasetto & Luciano Cipullo have published a book about vintage Panerai watches and their history, that I consider a masterpiece and a mind opener, with fantastic photography, direct testimonials and filmed interviews (DVD). Since the authors are Italian, nothing went lost in translation.

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Mainly a Panerai watch forum and community, Paneristi is a gold mine of information about pre Vendôme and vintage Panerai.

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Vintage Panerai

Ehlers & Wiegmann were vintage Panerai enthusiasts and collectors from the very beginning and they have written several books about vintage Panerai watches. Their classification system helps collectors to assess the watches to a certain degree.

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Jake’s Panerai World

Jake Ehrlich’s view on Panerai, a great resource for the history of Panerai and all the references produced until today.

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Club Panerai

The very first private website about Panerai watches in the year 2000. Owned by Piero Lapiana, the website offers very interesting information about the old days and also a great watch database.

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Vintage Watch Straps

Great resource about watch making history and all the tiny details of Swiss watches such as import hallmarks, sponsor’s marks and Poinçons de Maître (case maker’s marks), patents, etc. If you have any questions about hallmarks or patents, David Boettcher knows the answer.

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Vintage Rolex Forum

The Vintage Rolex Forum is another gold mine for both, Rolex and vintage Panerai.

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Rolex is the origins of vintage Panerai watches. In the 1930s, Giuseppe Panerai approached Rolex with a special request for the supply of the very first professional diving watches for the Italian Royal Navy. The rest is history.

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Officine Panerai

In 1997 Vendôme, an investment company, took over the name and the stock of the struggling Officine Panerai S.p.A. that was based in Florence, Italy. Vendôme became in the same year part of Richemont. A new company was founded in Switzerland. The modern “Officine Panerai” and the original Italian company have only little in common.

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