Peculiar Vintage Panerai 6152 1

Almost two decades ago, in November 1988 a truly peculiar vintage Panerai 6152 1 was auctioned in Milan, Italy.

At first glance the dial appeares to be anonymous but a closer look reveals a very rare inscription that remained unfilled/unpainted. This particular dial bears the engravings “Panerai Firenze”. Considering the design and the patina of this dial it is safe to say that the luminous material applied to markers and numerals is most certainly “Luminor”, a tritium-based substance patented by G. Panerai e Figlio in 1948.

Vintage Panerai 6152 1, Lot 138, 1988


Another detail which instantly catches the eye is the modified crown-protecting device. A similar crown-protecting device has never surfaced before. Some material has been machined off around the opening for the crown, probably in an attempt to achieve a more ergonomic handling of the crown. The slot probably helps to wind the movement faster than usual.

Italian description of Lot 138


The description of Lot 138 states that the movement had only 15 Jewels. According to the commentary the unit featured a “Glucydur” balance wheel and an “Incabloc” shock protection system.

The watch was sold for 7.500.000 Italian Lire which is an equivalent of around € 3.500 (Euro) nowadays.

There is another vintage Panerai watch known to have “Panerai Firenze” engravings. It is a 3646 with 6152 1 hands, a brass colored movement ring from a 3646 Type A to C and a slightly mismatched Rolex 618 Type 4 movement. The soldering around the crown tube leads to the assumption that this 3646 middle case could be from a late 3646 Type D to G.

Vintage Panerai 3646 with “Panerai Firenze” dial


The following picture shows the Rolex 618 Type 4 movement from a 6152 1 mismatched  with the escapement bridge of a Cortebert 616 from a pocket watch.

Rolex 618 Type 4 with Cortebert 616 escapement bridge


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