Panerai 6152/1 on ebay

A Panerai 6152/1 with Luminor Panerai dial and crown protecting device is being offered on ebay right now.

Panerai 6152/1 in nice external condition

Panerai 6152/1 on ebay

Asking price is US $ 500,000.00 (hehe…)

“Possibly the finest example of a vintage Panerai in the world. It looks almost new although it is from 1950, complete with the original vintage Rolex movement. This 6152/1 is simply outstanding!!! This is the watch (along with the vintage Radiomir) that all modern Panerai are modeled after.

This watch comes from my personal collection and has a known provenance.”

This watch was offered on ebay a few time already with 1 picture only. The new listing has a few more pictures, also some of the movement.

Not much to say about case, dial and hands. They appear to be genuine and in a good condition.

The movement is being advertised as “original”. A closer looks reveals it consists of parts from many different Rolex 618 Types.

Rolex 618 assembled with parts from different Cal. 618 types
  • Barrel bridge: Rolex 618 Type 1a (3646 Type A – C)
  • Train bridge: Rolex 618 Type 2
  • Escapement bridge: Rolex Type 2 or 3
  • Balance cock with Breguet overcoil hairspring: Rolex 618 Type 1b (3646 Type D – G)
  • Ratchet wheel: Rolex 618 Type 4

This movement is far from original. An original movement for this reference would be a Rolex 618 Type 3 or 4. The only part which matches the criteria is the ratchet wheel.

Rolex 618 Type 4 with 17 Jewels, Glucydur balance and Breguet overcoil hairspring

It is strange to see a 6152/1 in such good external condition having a movement assembled with non-matching parts.


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