The History Of Panerai With Jose Pereztroika On ‘Rico’s Watches Podcast’

A few weeks ago, Eric Ricioppo of ‘Rico’s Watches Podcast’ invited me to be a guest on his show and talk about the history of Panerai – the good, the bad and the ugly. Since the real history of the brand is so incredibly multifaceted and rich, we ended up doing two sessions, two long sessions to be precise. Eric is a fantastic host who has been interviewing people from the watch community for some time now. You can find the podcasts on the usual podcast platforms or watch our conversations via embedded Youtube videos below.

Episode 66: The History Of Panerai with Jose Pereztroika

Episode 67: The Modern Era Of Panerai With Jose Pereztroika

Thank you for your interest.

Download podcast: Rico’s Watches Podcast (

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The Panerai Time Machine

The following infographic represents the current state of research into vintage Rolex-Panerai watches (click to zoom in).

This timeline is available as a high quality print in two sizes:

  • 120 x 68 cm (47 x 26 inch): EUR 95.00 (plus shipping)
  • 150 x 85 cm (59 x 33 inch): EUR 135.00 (plus shipping)

Printed with HD Inkjet on photo paper and laminated.

Limited edition: 50 pieces, numbered and signed by Maria Teresa Panerai in Giuseppe Panerai’s very own laboratory at the historical site of the Villino Panerai (Panerai Villa) in Florence: Sold out

To order shoot me a DM on Instagram: @perezcope


  • Such an amazing interview! As always, Jose, thank you for the wealth of knowledge on the history of Panerai. As a Panerai enthusiast, this information is priceless.


  • As usual, some great content here from Jose. I have really enjoyed this content. I only have one disappointment that came from these two episodes. This was the inference that the Panerai 8 year warranty was not a true warranty and that there were “special terms and conditions to this”. I was concerned by this’d wanted to know what this was as Jose didn’t expand on this but was definite in his inference that it was not a true 8 year warranty. For a few days I have tried to find out more but all my research is that the extension is the same as the initial 2 year warranty. If fact, Panerai seem to go MUCH further as any all servicing within this 8 year period is also covered by the warranty. So if a decide to service my watch after 5 or 6 years (fairly standard period), Panerai’s warranty covers this service and I pay NOTHING. Jose does a great job at highlighting the falsities of the brand and I read them and believe his data backed claims. This warranty issue, which Jose brought to the table by countering the hosts claim of 8 years, needs to be backed up or corrected please.


  • Hi Jose
    Just watched and listened to both Rico podcasts. Very interesting and full of information that I’ll try hard to remember. I have a PAM 368 which I absolutely adore and gets lots of wrist time and I was fascinated to learn where it’s design has really come from.


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